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Sacred Energy Shielding Room Mist 100ml

HK$ 280.00

Sacred Energy Shielding Room Mist 100ml is a shielding mist we use to feel safe and protected.

The pure essential oils of Peppermint and Lavender combine a floral woody scent from Lavender with the cool and comforting minty scent of Peppermint.


Sacred Energy can:-

  • promote a sense of safety and protection
  • is beneficial for enhancing a sense of peace prior to sleep
  • be used on waking for a protected day
  • be effective for reducing stress and anxiety
  • improve mental focus and sleep
  • provide an energetic shield in order for self protection


Our Energy Shield Combination Essence is added to Sacred Energy and is effective in restoring the health of the elemental forces within the energy body. Energy Shield contains Findhorn Elemental Essences which strengthen the receptivity of life force flow within the chakras.

Lovingly hand-made in the North of Scotland by our small family team.



A Natural room mist of aromatic waters blessed with energetic imprints of nature and essences.


Directions: Shake well before use. Spray this mist in the four sacred directions of the room you wish to clear and/or bless.


Ingredients: Water, Emulsifan, Essential Oils of Peppermint and Lavender, Energetic Vibration of Energy Shield Combination Essence


Store: In a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.


Warning: Do not ingest or apply to skin.