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Embrace yourself with good Vibes!

KRISS stands for crystal (genstones), kiss & love... Gemstones are full of mystic frequencies with different vibes... When combined, they provide a unique energies to embrace, protect, and neurish you with multi-layers of "protections"!

The "purity . harmony . joy" 清淨喜 series uses key symbolic elements in Chinese culture in our creative art pieces: lotus flower, lotus seeds, turtle (for long life), gold breaks, etc.  Combined with a variety of gemstones, KRISS embraces a new way of carrying luck, longivity, & good fortune in a modern and fashionable manner.  As multi-functional dress pieces, our creations are designed to suit your style; double up as twin bracelets, one piece short necklaces, detached and worn separated as you like... Be creative... enjoy!