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Psychic Protection Essential Mist 50ml

Psychic Protection Protecting Room Mist 50ml

HK$ 180.00

Psychic Protection Protecting Room Mist is an essential when we want to feel safe, secure and protected.

The pure essential oils of Angelica, Cedarwood and Helichrysum deliver an earthy, woody, herbaceous scent with hints of citrus which is assuring support for base chakra imbalances and enhances feelings of protection and peace.


Psychic Protection can:-

  • be used to overcome agitation and inner turmoil as a result find a sense of peace and protection
  • detach from negative thoughts, people or situations when you feel vulnerable or overwhelmed
  • cast off the burdens that hold you back and clear stagnant energies in order to banish fear
  • find inner strength and courage by letting go of uncertainty and following your intuition.
  • is useful for anyone who feels threatened or bullied by another persons’ behaviour and can be helpful to children when there are negative situations between classmates
  • build up inner strength and resilience to enable you to stay calm
  • is useful during periods of stress such as exam time
  • help you feel safe, calm and strong in difficult times
  • be effective in supporting the base or root chakra associated with support and foundations


Psychic Protection Protecting Room Mist also contains the following energetic vibrations:-

  • Ancient Yew
  • Daisy
  • Iona Pennywort
  • Rose Alba
  • Thistle
  • Watercress
  • Wintergreen


Psychic Protection Room Mist was created to complement the very popular Psychic Protection Combination Essence creating a duo effect when used together.


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A Natural room mist of aromatic waters blessed with energetic imprints of nature and essences.


Directions: Shake well before use. Spray this mist in the four sacred directions of the room you wish to clear and/or bless.


Ingredients: Water, Emulsifan, Essential Oils of Angelica, Cedarwood and Helichrysum, Energetic Vibration of Ancient Yew, Daisy, Iona Pennywort, Rose Alba, Thistle, Watercress and Wintergreen.


Store: In a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.


Warning: Do not ingest or apply to skin.